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How to Find Free And Clear Properties for Investment

Lately there has been a huge buzz about investing in Free and Clear properties as if it was some new form of investing. Well the truth is there is nothing new about it! Its just that now is the perfect time to be using this old strategy again! Why you ask? Simple, it is getting more and more difficult to get bank financing for real estate investing these days. Especially, if your new and don’t have an established track record. Or if you have been doing this for a long time but the market crash forced you to let go (ie foreclosure) on a number of homes crushing your credit! 

Investing in free and clear properties removes the need for a bank loan entirely! The process goes like this. You find a home that have no mortgage or liens against it. You offer to buy the property from the current owner at the price he wants as long as its within fair market value. But you only give him this price if he or she will offer you terms on the sale. Meaning they will act as the bank and you will make payments to them at an agreed interest rate for an agreed time period! 

Essentially, they are becoming your bank and just as with any typical transaction you will own the home with title in your name! Simple right? It actually is very simple. The hard part is finding these homes. I have put together a video to show you how to do that. But lets just say your best resource is a title company and a postcard! The title company can get you the info and you can write and mail the postcards. Then just wait for the phone to start ringing!

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